Let the Colonel Spice Up Your Life

The Rules:

Never, EVER heat our fine Beer Cheese. Other than that, there are no limits — just adventures.

Your Options:

Spicy Kentucky Beer Cheese WrapsAdd a Little Zing to Your Wrap

If you are serving healthy wraps instead of soggy sandwiches for lunch, the Colonel can help spice things up. Add a thin smear of our spicy-tasting beer cheese before you start piling on the turkey, roast beef, ham, chicken tenders — or hummus — and veggies. Then Chomp, Chew, and Enjoy!

Bowl Them Over At Your Next Party

Hollow out a round loaf of pumpernickel bread (do so carefully and save the pieces — you will want them later). Toast the shell, but not the pieces you made while hollowing. When the bread cools, you should fill it with Colonel Coleman’s Beer Cheese, add a sprig of parsley for color (or some snips of green onion on the top) and serve surrounded by plugs of pumpernickel bread. Grab, Dip, and Devour!

Roma Tomatoes Gone Wild

Take Roma Tomatoes (use these because they have thicker skins and hold together better than standard or cherry tomatoes will). Core them, leaving just the outside hull. Discard the stem, but keep the seeds and flesh from inside.

In a bowl, combine the harvested seeds and pulp with diced, canned jalapenos, green onions or chives, and add enough Colonel Coleman’s Beer Cheese to thicken it up (be sure your beer cheese is at room temperature before you mix it in). Once you get the thick, rich, consistency you want, you can refill the romas with this divine stuffing.

(Tip: You can put the stuffing in a sandwich bag and trim off a single corner to make squirting the mixture back into the tomatoes a little neater.) If you want an easier way to fill, or a smaller serving size, you can also serve these cut in half and cheese-side-up

Banana Pepper Fever

Make your next batch of banana peppers something worthy of neighborhood gossip and awe. Wash your banana peppers, but don’t remove the stem (you will need that so fingers don’t get bitten!) Carefully make a single slit down the full length of the pepper on one side. Set the peppers aside.

Now mix the “fever” part… Start with a couple cups of Colonel Coleman’s Beer Cheese and fold in a 1/4 cup of chopped peperoncinos (be sure to squeeze out excess moisture), a 1/4 chopped pimentoes, two tablespoons of prepared horseradish (more or less, depending on your bravery) or 1/4 cup if you are shredding your own horseradish root.

Once the mixture is smooth, grab a friend and have them hold open the banana pepper and you can squirt in the mixture. If you want less heat, you can remove the seeds from the banana pepper before adding the cheesy goodness. Once full, use that stem to grab up a pepper and feed it to your sweetie, like Cleopatra was fed grapes — but keep your fingers clear (for safety’s sake!)

Make Your Baked Potato The Bomb

Bake a potato and split it open and let it cool a bit. Add bacon, broccoli, onions to the interior. Salt and pepper to taste. Then apply a thick ribbon of Colonel Coleman’s Beer Cheese down the length of the tuber — and eat… and eat… and eat. Heck, you could make a whole meal of this one! We do.

These are a few serving suggestions to get you started. But, stay tuned… more elaborate concoctions and recipes will be coming soon!