Handcrafted Cheddar Cheese for Kentucky Beer Cheese

John Tackett has loved beer cheese for a very long time. When he was six years old, he tasted his first bit of beer cheese and loved it. It took a few more years before he enjoyed beer cheese again. But, try as he might, he couldn’t find one that tickled his fancy quite as much as that first taste did. Soon, it became his personal mission to find the perfect beer cheese and when he couldn’t find it, he set out to create it.

The development of Kentucky’s own delicious Colonel Coleman’s Beer Cheese started in John Tackett’s kitchen. John loves to cook and often dabbles in the kitchen. He worked on developing his own signature beer cheese — one with just enough body, just enough bite and just enough kick. In 1994, with an exceedingly good beer cheese in hand, he started working to perfect it. In 2006, after finding just the right combination — that he was able to repeat consistently — he offered his creation to the public as Colonel Coleman’s Beer Cheese.

Granted, his best first clients were nursing homes and Moose Clubs — but the demand for his Colonel Coleman’s Beer Cheese grew… and continues to grow. (One taste and you will understand why.)

Today, you can find Colonel Coleman’s Beer Cheese across multiple states — north and south, east and west of Kentucky — the place where it all began.