Colonel Coleman’s Secret Recipe Beer Cheese

Our hand-crafted (and amazingly delicious) Colonel Coleman’s Beer Cheese is the result of a secret recipe, developed and honed over two decades until it was… quite simply…  Perfect.

From the Heart and Soul of Kentucky

If you have never tasted real, Kentucky-bred, home-style “bites-ya-back” beer cheese — you are in for a treat! One taste of the Colonel’s beer cheese is all it will Kentucky Proud Logotake to turn you into a vocal fan.

But, be warned… once you have tasted ours, you won’t be able to enjoy those that attempt to imitate us. You will be spoiled for life! It’s ok, though, you won’t mind. You won’t want to go back. Promise.

Why Our Beer Cheese Is Different

It seems like many restaurants are making their own version of something they call “Beer Cheese” these days. These larger makers, have a sauce-approach. They just pour stuff together. There’s no craft. There’s no art. And, there’s no genuine beer cheese flavor.

The Colonel uses the highest quality of cheese and we never, EVER “water it down.” Our cheese is the finest, traditionally aged cheddar — not some kind of “processed cheese food product” that others use. The Colonel doesn’t do “plastic” psudo-cheese. We do the real thing. Every. Single. Time.

One-Of-A-Kind Beer Cheese

Want REAL Beer Cheese? Want to enjoy every last bite? Then try ours. You can find it at these fine retailers and establishments. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are proud of our cheese and it shows!

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It’s Excellent!

I have had several occasions in which I have used this beer cheese and it always is the talk of the event. In short, it's excellent. Taste and Quality.

Larry Mazzoni September 15, 2015